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Pink Fit

Our most popular class utilizes cross training methods of combining strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, functional training, and flexibility to challenge the body.  Each day you are given a “workout of the day” which is constantly varied and performed for time or for repetitions in order to quantify your progress.  This class will boost metabolism, build strength and endurance, blast body fat, and build lean muscle.  Programmed with our all female client’s goals in mind, you will leave each class feeling empowered!

Lean & Mean

This fun and high-energy class is Pink Iron’s take on the traditional “boot camp” class.  Mixing cardiovascular exercises with low weight, high interval training, you will walk away feeling the burn and drenched in sweat!  This Lean & Mean cardio shredding class will also increase your cardio endurance, coordination, balance, and agility all while burning a ton of calories!

Iron Yoga

A vinyasa power flow class.  Vinyasa is a continuous flow of movement using the sun salutations while working on lengthening the muscles and opening up the hipflexors, shoulders, and other tight areas.  Imagine how much your workouts will change once your hamstrings start to elongate from the downward dogs and those tight hip flexors start releasing making your squats an dead lifts easier to do and access. It’s a great way to relieve stress and tension in the muscles as well as the mind, while still feeling like you are doing something great for your body.  You don’t have to be super flexible to take the class; taking yoga is going to bring back that mobility into the body!  *Must sign up in advance

Pink Fit Team Training

Our exciting Saturday class takes all of the elements of our Pink Fit classes but we throw in a twist as we have members work together in teams.  Building camaraderie and friendship, we place you on teams of 2-4 people.  Encourage each other and cheer your teammates on as you complete your workout together and push each other to be YOUR best!

Skills/Lifting Class

Created for Pink Iron members to focus on a different skill or lift each week to learn more in depth.  Will help develop strength and proficiency at different skills (pullups, handstandpushups, etc) or lifts (clean, snatch, etc).  Great for all levels.