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All of our workouts at Pink Iron are specifically designed for a woman's body to turn fat into energy through fat oxidation! Consistently training under the Pink Iron Program will guarantee you the best results in the shortest amount of time. You'll see why it is called he Most Effective Workout in the World for Women!

Pink Fit Class

Pink Iron Program

Our signature class is unlike anything else out there, made for women by women.  Our workout is based on high intensity interval training which combines cardiovascular exercise with strength and functional movement to effectively torch calories all while building a lean, toned body and strong mind.  No two workouts at Pink Iron are ever the same - every day provides a new workout which will challenge you in fun and exciting ways.  Named the Most Effective Workout in the World for Women, the Pink Iron Program is built for women of all ages and fitness levels.  No matter who you are, you can do a Pink Iron workout and walk out feeling stronger, happier, accomplished, and drenched in sweat! We promise you have never experienced anything like it.

Babes & Barbells

Babes & Barbells

Created for Pink Iron girls to slow things down and focus on learning the classic olympic lifts, power lifts, proper form, and a variety of skills more in depth under the watchful eye of our most experienced coaches. These classes help develop strength and proficiency at different skills (pull ups, handstand pushups, etc) or lifts (clean, snatch, etc). Great for all levels and abilities who are ready to learn more!

Fit & Flow

Team Pink Iron

Our exciting Saturday-only class takes all of the great elements of our Pink Iron Program class and throws in a twist by having members work together in teams. Building camaraderie and friendship, we place everyone on teams of 2-4 people. Help encourage each other and cheer your teammates on as you complete your workout together and push each other to give it your all!

Iron Yoga

Iron Yoga

Our signature vinyasa power flow class. Vinyasa is a continuous flow that works on stretching the muscles and opening up the hip flexors, shoulders, and other tight areas. It's a great way to relieve stress and tension in the muscles as well as the mind. You don't have to be super flexible to take the class; Iron Yoga is going to bring all the mobility you are seeking.